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Frequently Asked Questions

People ask us questions and we will answer them here. If you need any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Here you can find the frequently asked questions and the club normative.

Black Hole Club is a private club and you have to be a member to enter.

If you want to access to the club one time you can become a member for one day or if you come often you can become a member for 6 months. You choose!

It is very easy, just fill out the form you over to the door and pay the membership fee, either daily or 6 months.
Check the prices page to obtain more information

In the club Trash we guarantee your privacy. The data you provide to us will be kept confidential.

In the entire club using cameras and mobile phones are prohibited.

In the Black Hole club we will not force that you wear a certain code. You can go as you like but remember you are in a Fetish club.

Rubber, leather, bears, skins, military, naked, Jockstrap … Come as you want but at least we’ll ask you to remove your shirt!

And of course, you can also go naked all our club.

As for footwear use boots or sneakers. ‘Do not come in flip flops !!!

You can leave clothes without problems in our lockers or club reception.

In Black Hole club we encourage you to practice safe sex.

You have condoms, gloves and free lubricant in our club.

Trash Club collaborates with Stop AIDS.

If you care about your sexual health we suggest you contact Stop AIDS (, they have counseling services that will answer all your questions.

These are the rules of our club. You are accessing the club accept all standards:
  • The entrance to the club is exclusively for over 18 years.
  • Respect. Nobody is forced to play with you. Nobody is forced to play what you want.
  • We do not allow the sale and consumption of drugs in the club.
  • For hygiene reasons, we do not allow the scat. Also we do not allow extreme practices such as needles, blood, extreme pain.
  • We have an delimited area por Piss, use it.
  • If someone bothers you, tell us, if you bother someone will invite you to leave the club.
  • It is not allowed to use cameras, mobile phones. Leave them at the entrance.
  • It is not allowed sex in toilets.
  • Use the bins, we want everyone to be comfortable in our club.
  • If you need anything, go to the reception and we will attend.
  • For security reasons, it is not allowed to enter with flip-flops.
  • The direction you can review the personal effects that members enter the club.